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Oak Forest Gin - 115 Proof (Navy Strength)

Oak Forest Gin - 115 Proof (Navy Strength)




Distillery only release



  • Developed over the course of 8 months in house by our resident royal subject/PhD Chemist, Dr. Hardisty.
  • Our gins are masserated and redistilled onsite in extremely small batches which the first release is limited to 132 bottles of navy strength.
  • We named our gins after our ajourning neighhborhood which we are proud to be a part of, this Navy strength gin is named after Oak Forest and comes in at 115 proof!
  • Botanicals include: Juniper, corriander, anjelica, fresh lime, dried lemmon, dried orange, corriander, mixed peppercorn



  • Crafted to a texas palate, stronger and more in your face than its Garden Oaks counterpart, this gin full of citrus flavor and has the kick of a navy strength Gin
  • Aroma: Balanced floral and ctirus with subtle hints of pine and complex earthy, bittersweet
  • Taste: Citrus forward with balance of earth and chi tea
  • Finish:Punch of citrus finish with navy strength hair on your chest



  • Works well in a negroni, gin fizz, or spanish style gin & tonic



  • Local Houston pickup onle, no shipping or delivery
  • Must be 21+ to purchase
  • Please bring your drivers license at pickup
  • Limit 2 x750ml (or equivalent) bottles per person (drivers license must be provided) per 30 day period as per TABC rules
  • Bottles may be picked up until 9pm Mon-Sat, no bottle sales on Sunday


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