We are just doing it our way. Building our own experiences, and sharing those with urban Texans who also seek something authentic and honest. Together our mission is to produce exceptional products and experiences, in a way that is true to the proud Texas legacy of our namesake.


bryan clary

Co-Founder | President

At a young age Bryan was introduced to the world of distilling - not, drinking...distilling. Having traveled the globe as a military brat, his parents wanted to introduce him to culture and that included Scotch Whisky distilleries.  The inception seed was planted of a "destination distillery" - a community gathering point. When Zack asked him to write a business plan, his wheels started turning and have not slowed down since. A civil engineer by trade, Bryan leads the William Price Distilling team as President and Co-Founder. When he’s not at the distillery you can find Bryan... well, he’s always at the distillery.


Co-Founder | Vice President

When Zack’s friends started a brewery in Houston around 10 years ago, the spark of making whiskey was born - let’s call it spirits envy. Zack, a patent and trademark attorney, asked his good friend and college roommate, Bryan to write a business plan for a distillery (Bryan was getting his MBA at the time) and the partnership never looked back. A native Houstonian, Zack wanted to make a mark on the industry combining the highest quality raw materials with unique twists to create a new market segment - all new, all Texan.


toni hardisty

Head Distiller

Toni was a PhD chemist from London and an avid Gin fan,  when she moved to Houston she needed to find something to do to keep her busy. Through rugby club connections she met Zack and working at a distillery seemed like a perfect fit, a way to use her Chemistry degrees and make her favorite tipple, what more could you want. Toni has thoroughly enjoyed learning about the art of distilling and is incredibly proud that both her first Gin creation won a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards.


so, who is william price?

Every true Texan has a backstory and that holds true with our namesake, William Price Clary. Bill is the 4th great-grandfather of William Price Distilling Founder and President, Bryan Clary and is the first of the founder's families to move to Texas in the 1840’s. Prior to moving to Texas, Bill owned the ferry and liquor store in New Salem, IL serving up some of the strongest libations in town and where the rough-and-tumble crowd would hang out. When Bill wasn’t slinging booze he was wagering his cousin would beat Abraham Lincoln in a wrestling match or serving under his command in the Black Hawk War of 1832.  And that’s the story, folks. He was a true Texan, patriot and father of 16 - that should tell you all you need to know.


good ideas

All good ideas start between college roommates, right? Well, maybe that’s not the case, but it is with Bryan and Zack - college roommates, rugby teammates, avid whiskey fans...sounds like the perfect mixture for distillery-partners. The partners started working on the concept of William Price Distilling in 2012 and just a short 8 years later the distillery is fully-realized serving up spirits, cocktails and all around good times. Almost makes you thirsty just reading about it.


William Price is a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and creativity of the Metropolitan Texas community. We’re not just another cowboy distillery making whiskey or tequila for grey bearded men with a Skoal ring on the pocket of their Wranglers.  Founders Zack and Bryan are multi-generational Texans seeking to create the future of the Texas distilling industry with a brand that excites the often-overlooked Metropolitan Texas Millennial - creative, modern, welcoming and youthful.  We exist at the intersection of celebrating storied Texas culture and welcoming its progressive future.


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William Price Distilling is a Metropolitan Craft Distillery located in Houston, TX. The name comes from one of the founder’s great-great-great-great-grandfather who was the first in their family to settle in Texas over 150 years ago.


We pay homage to our Texas ancestors while

creating our own Lone Star legacy.