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“Uniquely Texan Spirits” speaks not only to our distinctly curated and crafted products, but also to the people who enjoy unforgettable experiences with friends. This isn’t where you go to show off how much you know about tasting notes and distilling methods. This is where people in the community can feel at home in their own skin, and maybe learn something new along the way. Whether you’re a spirits novice or cocktail connoisseur, there’s something for everyone here. Because at William Price, the drink is important – but so is the person you’re drinking it with.



When we get together to watch a game, we bring beers. When we meet up after work, we make it a happy hour. When we go to a wedding, we raise a glass to the newlyweds. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, the memorable moments of our lives are almost always paired with a drink. So to make your night unforgettable, raise your spirits: make sure that drink is a good one. We want William Price to be your destination to make amazing memories with your favorite people, and we believe the most important ingredient for a night like that is a top-notch drink in your hand. We’re not talking about making something fussy or getting caught up in the presentation and pretense of it all. We just want you to have a glass of something good to raise the next time you’re with your favorite people. Because our idea of a good time doesn’t come from driving to some far-flung country venue or following a dress code. A good time comes from good drinks with good folks. That’s what it means to raise your spirits.



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