Initial Release: We are happy to announce our initial Straight Rye and Potato Vodka releases are now available for sale and immediate pickup.

Please check back often for new releases or join our mailing list to know exactly when new products will be released.

Per TABC, Limit 2 bottles per person every 30 days.

Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is available for nation-wide shipping, distillery pickup, or Saturday Drive-thru pickup at Urban Harvest Farmers Markets. It can also be found at your local H-E-B.

Anyone in need can pick-up a free 16oz bottle, no questions asked, during public distribution hours.

Single bottles are only available for 100% contactless curbside pick-up.

Please let us know your requirements and we will get right back to you to make it happen.

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You can also reach out to us at sanitizer@williampricedistilling.com.

Thanks for you message, one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Hand Sanitizer FAQ

Our liquid sanitizer is 80% ABV. It is based on the standard FDA and WHO formula which comprises Alcohol (80%), Glycerin (1.45%), Hydrogen peroxide (0.125%), and water. The scented versions also include <1% by weight essential oil from which the fragrances are derived.

The gel sanitizer is similar to the liquid formulation, but it also includes cellulose as a gelling agent. We also lowered the overall alcohol percentage to 70% in order to optimize the consistency of the product without sacrificing its effectiveness.

For additional information, please see the following resources:

The William Price Distilling Foundation was established to unite the skills and experiences of the hospitality industry to overcome hardship by making charitable contributions and community investments in the City of Houston. While the purpose was to provide aid to hospitality workers that fell through the cracks during the COVID19 pandemic, the Foundation will continue to serve the community as new obstacles and hardships arise. If you are interested in potential loans or grants from the Foundation, please email foundation@wmptx.com for current opportunities.

If you are a front line worker, first responder, or educator and are in need of a hand sanitizer donation, please contact us using our form below and we will see what we can do.

Adopt a Bar

We have had great support locally for our hand sanitizer and we want to give back to those hospitality workers who have been struggling with their bars being shut down. We will select one bar for the week and donate a portion of the proceeds to the bar so that they can pay their staff and keep them fed and housed. Our goal is to target those bars that are in desperate need and support our local community.

This week we're supporting Rosewater Clear Lake, an intimate neighborhood cocktail bar in Clear Lake that has been closed since March 16.

In an effort to stay open, they're selling fresh, scratch-made cocktail mixers, or "Rosewater Fancy Elixirs", to help their guests enjoy their cocktails safely from home. These delightful mixers are offered to-go Wednesdays (4-7pm) and Saturdays (noon-5pm)

A few words from Rosewater: "Rosewater is a nice bar full of nice people who like to take care of the nice people in our neighborhood. We value our community, and while we hate that we can't serve people drinks and good company in the way that we're accustomed, but we're more concerned with the greater good. For now we've converted ourselves into a fancy fresh cocktail mixers business. It's been enough to keep some of our team employed part-time and to help keep our landlord paid, but not quite enough to keep us from losing money. We miss our neighbors so much, but every day we’re learning new ways to be grateful."

You can make donations on our site, or to their #virtualtipjar on Venmo at @pasha-morshedi.

This week we’re adopting @bigstarbar77008! This spot in The Heights called “the Led Zepplin III of Heights picnic table bars” has been a neighborhood hang since it opened in 2008.

Closed since March 16, they’re doing their best to stay afloat until they’re allowed to reopen, but they’re finding it difficult with no revenue. They could use your support, so if you’d like to help us contribute, you can make donations on our site, or to their #virtualtipjar on Venmo at @BigStarTipJar.

Our next bar in the Adopt-a-Bar Program is Two Headed Dog, a neighborhood spot that had just seven months behind the bar before the shutdown. They had already made a name for themselves in the Midtown/Montrose area and are already greatly missed.

We’re proud to support them this week. If you’d like to give them a little additional love, you can donate to their #virtualtipjar on Venmo at @twoheadeddog2020.

And make sure to join them on Sunday May 10th, from 8 to 10pm for “Posted Up!”, a virtual Sunday Market via Instagram Live!

The Grand Prize Bar is the self-described “local slippery slope since 2010”. This beloved dive bar has given many of us great memories. Sadly, someone stole their air conditioners on Easter. The $16K setback won’t keep them down, though … they are determined to open again when they’re able! They’re selling their bar t-shirts and all proceeds will benefit their staff and help them purchase a new AC.

Our second bar this week is Johnny’s Gold Brick. A beloved cocktail spot, they were forced to shut down on March 16. In the coming weeks you can support them with drive-through cocktail purchases along with to-go tacos with A Corner Tacos and Night Shift Bar.

The Cottonmouth Club is a neighborhood cocktail bar at the north end of Main Street in Downtown Houston. Our focus is always fine cocktails and spirits served without pretension, a warm community vibe, and awesome music.

Like all of our brother and sister bars around the country, we are closed due to public safety concerns. As a result, we’ve turned our efforts to creating the feeling of the bar and bringing it to the public where they are sheltering in place. This consists of a series of online and digital efforts, including a nightly live-stream from the bar, a series of instructional cocktail and cooking videos, and a podcast which we produce and record right here at The Cottonmouth Club.

Podcast: The Cottonmouth Club Presents, which can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or directly at https://thecottonmouthclubpresents.buzzsprout.com. The podcast features discussions on bar culture, cocktails & spirits, alongside original content that the talented staff of The Cottonmouth Club creates.

Live-stream: Nightly on Instagram @thecottonmouthclub. Also produced in the bar, nightly we bring guests from around the country to discuss cocktails and culture, alongside conversation about our own bar and our own experience.

Venmo: We are bartenders so we do work for tips. Our virtual tip jar is on Venmo at TheCottonmouthClub-Staff. All money goes toward ensuring the staff can stay in food and essentials until there is more clarity on what’s to come.

Our biggest mission in this crisis is to remind everyone, certainly Houston but people everywhere, that bars are a critical part of the heart and definition of a city. Without major effort, many institutional places will close, and the community that we serve will be poorer for it.

Is your bar missing? Get in touch.

Donate $100 to adopt a bar worker for a day or give whatever you can to support our local community!

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We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers and neighbors! Check out some of our latest cameos in the local press below, or contact us with any press enquiries.


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